About NovaCore Technologies

NovaCore Technologies is an alliance of freelance IT, computer/mobile application development and digital media professionals that are working to build and educate by offering IT  and development solutions to the local community.

We want to see as many people in our community be able to use  technology as often and as easily as they want to. We want to offer people and businesses the ability to choose the right solution themselves and fully maximize their productivity by having accurate technical information.


1. To Develop and maintain the most efficient/highest quality information technology, design, and education services possible to members of the community.

2. Provide clients with fair, flexible, and realistic pricing. The purpose of this is to increase availability of IT services and resources to the general community.

3. Improving the overall technical knowledge of our members, and clients whenever it is possible.

4. Training interns and students with on-the-job IT/Design skills through accurate information, practical experience, and teamwork.

5. Build and maintain the most open, accurate, and clear body of knowledge regarding Information Technology.

6. Operate in a way which is mutually beneficial to everyone.

7. Develop and maintain an overall atmosphere of meaningful contribution, trust, open mindedness, and progress.

Convenience and Support:

Ever gone back to a company with your broken computer only to find out that they will charge $80 just to take a look? Or to find out that they’ve gone out of business entirely? Section 31 is about providing quality IT services at a reasonable price through education, research, and experience. Our emphasis is on sustainability and stability.

Efficiency and Sustainability:

NovaCore Technologies will recycle and repair used and broken technology, including computers, monitors, cameras, and phones without reprocessing. When items are broken beyond repair they are turned into art if possible. This is one way to reduce waste in the environment and provides a way for technology to be useful beyond its expected shelf-life. If there is less being thrown away then both the environment and human beings benefit.

Keys to Success:

Forming an organization on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation. Continuing to develop new innovations, solutions and research methods based on the best available information. Members of NovaCore must be trustworthy, reliable, and proficient in their areas of expertise. Members should  work to improve themselves, the organization and thus the community as a whole. This will contribute to the long-term stability, security, and legitimacy of NovaCore.